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Is Bioinformatics for you

⚛️ This article is an excerpt from my talk with Heels and Tech Bioinformatics is an interesting mesh of biology, computation and statistics. I like to call it the tech of biology, and rightly so, it is living up to the hype. Since the covid-19 pandemic, bioinformatics has being topping the market size and projections charts. It is a discipline with a lot of interest and investment from the government as well as academic and industry stakeholders.

The Ideal Stack for Beginners in Bioinformatics

Welcome to the dynamic world of bioinformatics! As a beginner, embarking on the journey of mastering bioinformatics can be both exciting and overwhelming. One of the first challenges you’ll encounter is figuring out the right combination of tools and skills to build a strong foundation. In this guide, I’ll break down the bioinformatics tech landscape into clear categories, making it easier for you to navigate and build the ideal stack that suits your interests and career journey.