Testimonials from our 2023 Workshop

François Pape Diouf


Introduce yourself and tell us where you had your undergraduate studies

My name is François Pape Diouf and I’m from Senegal. I graduated in 2021 from Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco, where I studied Biotechnology and AgroBiosciences.

How did you start your journey into Bioinformatics?

After my graduation, I decided to go more deep in the field of bioinformatics. My goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in Senegal. I know I need to learn some skills that will increase my knowledge and my chances of being accepted into grad school.

So, I started using online learning materials to know more about the subject but quickly felt limited by the lack of guidance and adequate learning resources & server. Therefore, I began searching for opportunities that offer both.

This is how I came across the HackBio genomics workshop. In addition to offering high-quality mentoring and a cluster where to perform all my work, the HackBio genomics track was a very good start to learn about genomics.

Tell us about your experience in HackBio. What skills did you acquire?

During the training, I acquired relevant skills in Linux, Git, GitHub, and BASH. I learned how to perform reads quality control, trimming, and alignment, variant calling, variant annotation, and genomics data analysis using different software. The training has also helped me sharpen my skills in communication, problem-solving, and project management by working with people from different horizons, and different backgrounds.

What does the future look like for you?

I am confident that the skills I learnt in this workshop would definitely increase my chances of getting a PhD position. Infact, I am already in contact with a Professor who I think prefers me more because of the skills I’ve acquired.

Would you recommend HackBio Bioinformatics workshop to people?

Yes, I will. I highly recommend this workshop to all bioinformatics enthusiasts who don’t know where to start.

Eniola Onabowale

Lagos, Nigeria.

Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is Eniola Onabowale. I work as a Molecular Research Scientist at a biotech company based in Lagos, Nigeria, I have planned to apply for doctoral programmes in Genomics and Computational Biology.

Tell us about your experience in HackBio. What skills did you acquire?

This workshop has provided me with practical skills and an understanding of the BASH command line, how to use it to analyze genomic data and gain insights that can be translated into therapeutic and diagnostic solutions.

Working and collaborating in teams with people from diverse backgrounds with the constant support from the mentors made this learning journey worthwhile.

Would you recommend HackBio Bioinformatics workshop to people?

I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the field of Genomics or other fields in Bioinformatics.

Graduate studies would require you to own a research project from inception till your final submission. In order to analyze, visualize and make sense of your data you would need to have data analytical skills and core research skills.

This workshop helps you to develop these skills. They provide well-thought out curated learning resources and structure. In addition, they train participants on how to troubleshoot and source information using the freely available resources on the internet.

Being able to demonstrate that you already have these skills that would enable you to thrive in graduate research would always be beneficial in addition to completing a project in an area of genomics that aligns with your intended field of study.

Ankita Murmu


Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is Ankita Murmu, I’m a biotechnology graduate. I come from a country with the coolest diversity, India.

Tell us about your experience in HackBio.

Signing up for the HackBio Genomics Workshop was one of my best decisions towards enhancing my bioinformatics and genomics learning curve. Out of all the training and workshops I attended virtually, this workshop experience went way above my expectations.

The HackBio team are an amazing bunch of spirited people who are excellent mentors and are always available to guide you.  I loved how each task was structured from basic to advanced levels (with a project).

What skills did you acquire?

The 5 weeks of the workshop helped me gain some new skills on bash scripting, working with Galaxy, using Linux, working with interesting softwares (samtools, plink) and genomics data. Also, I would say that this workshop helped me improve my soft skills such as time management, team building, persistence and patience.

Would you recommend HackBio Bioinformatics workshop to people?

I believe the workshops offered by HackBio molds people towards being exceptional researchers and team players which are important to be successful in any job or graduate school application.

So, I would totally recommend HackBio whether you are just a novice or an expert in bioinformatics. I wish I knew about HackBio earlier but, I am happy that I could be part of the Genomics Workshop.

Aanuoluwa Enitan Adekoya.

University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aanuoluwa Enitan Adekoya, I’m a PH.D candidate from University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK.

How did you become interested in Bioinformatics? How did you come across HackBio?

I had always been interested in computational biology, but I never knew where to start; hence, my interest remained at a distance for the longest time.

Then one day, I came across the LinkedIn profile of one of the facilitators at HackBio, and in all honesty, I just wanted my LinkedIn profile to be like his. To be able to talk about my computational biology skills at public forums boldly. The only way to achieve this wish was to START since wishes are not horses, so I took the bold step-to join HackBio.

I was clueless, for the lack of better words. It was initially a disaster and too much of a ‘new challenge’ for me, so I dropped out. However, I continued my biology career and got a strange Ph.D. offer. Strange in the sense that I was offered the position based on what I said I would learn and not the skill I already have.

Wow! So what happened

Shortly after my interview, I remembered the words of  Charles Swindoll that said:

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

Then I remembered that I had the opportunity to start my computational biology journey with HackBio the previous year. However, I did not, as I saw it as an impossible situation. Then I reached out to one of the facilitators, Wale; thank God for the smooth communication that emails provide. Shortly after we exchanged emails again, I got an email to sign up for the Genomics workshop, and then I gave it a deep thought. I decided to do this with an open mind this time around, and I am happy to say that with the help of the trainers and the resources they made available, I could complete all of my tasks. I can say that I have successfully conquered my fears, and I am now better prepared for the next phase of my journey; I am glad that I took this bold step.

Thank you, HackBio.

Halimat Chisom Atanda


I got interested in bioinformatics in 2019, and made some moves to equip myself in that regard. I learnt plenty, but there were still gaps to fill.

Before I joined Hackbio’s genomics workshop, I only had a vague idea of the processes involved in genomic data analysis. After the first three weeks, it was easier to understand some methods in research papers and also imagine the impact of the research.

This  workshop gave me the confidence to reach out to a bioinformatics researcher in Australia and I was able to get his attention because of the skills I have gathered in this workshop and have an actual conversation about his research and possible ways I may be able to contribute.

It’s been tough, figuring out lines of codes, why it did or didn’t work, what each command stands for, or even how to confirm that you’re actually getting results. But it’s been rewarding too, and I’m grateful for the opportunity from HackBio and Opeoluwa (for the Grant to participate). I hope to get more opportunities to practice what I’ve learnt.

Praise Fawehinmi


Prior to the workshop, programming seemed like an uninteresting venture. And to be honest, I still felt that way even after the first week of the workshop.

However, when I started applying the seemingly boring codes to tasks in oncogenomics and my project on malaria resistance genotyping, I became super excited.

Now that the training is over, I can say it was worth it and my perception of coding has changed. Hackbio has helped engineer my research interest and I am already drafting projects where I can further apply these genomics skills.

I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to level up their research skills, someone who loves to take up challenges and see them through. This is one you would enjoy!

A big thank you to the Hackbio team for the opportunity.

Prafful Sharma


These 5 weeks of HackBio Workshop have been amazingly insightful. All the stages were tailored to the industry standards. You’re always surrounded & supported by international peers and the best thing about this is that there is always somebody to help.

I struggled a bit at the start but with constant  encouragement from the mentors, things started to get less complicated and at the end, I got the knowledge and hands-on training on so many bioinformatics tools.

I highly recommend HackBio’s Bioinformatics workshop to anyone looking to up-skills themselves and stand-out from the crowd.

Thank you.